Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events End of January – Looking for Good Investments and Pumps


Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events End of January – Looking for Good Investments and Pumps

Cryptocurrencies mentioned:

Ethereum Classic (ETC): Crosschain message system based on ETC for ETH, ETC, UBQ, EXP, PIRL and RootStock.
Dragonchain (DRGN): Lifeid ICO Presale for DRGN holders, Smart Contract Protocols & APIs (estimated)
Bela (BELA): special birthday event
Dovu (DOVU): taking part in another event (UK-Singapore Urban Bridges Mission)
Bitcore (BTX): another airdrop (5%)
AdEx (ADX): beta version release
Lunyr (LUN): open beta version release
IoT Chain (ITC): tests of the wallet begin
NEO (NEO): DevCon Conference in San Francisco
EncrypGen (DNA): CEO presenting during event in London
Vsync (VSX): roadmap release
ICON (ICX): ICON Annual Summit
Mysterium (MYST): alpha release
Triggers (TRIG): taking part in IT Government Summit 2018, 2 new exchanges (date estimated)
SpreadCoin (SPR): hardfork holders will get 1:1 fork of the coin on the new chain
ZenCash (ZEN): website update and ledger integration
Eidoo (EDO) and ETHLend (LEND): 15M lend drop for wallet users
HempCoin (THC): hardfork with technological updates, rebranding, new whitepaper, website, new partners, fund managers and platform developers
Ripio Credit Network (RCN): RCN Exchange beta version release
FunFair (FUN): applying for Gambling Software License
Experience Points (XP): listed on Cryptopia
Electra (ECA): listing on decentralised Next.Exchange
QASH (QASH): launching single globally-sourced trading platform (World Book)
AdCoin (ACC): hard fork to adjust algorithm
eBoost (EBST): EBST Hardfork and free new token airdrop for EBST holders
Radium (RADS): hardfork to change the protocol
Nexium (NXC): new roadmap
AirToken (AIR): rebranding and new website
Red Pulse (RPX): Huobi and OkEX listings
Aion (AION): Testnet Launch
SolarCoin (SLR): conference in Madrid
Ambrosus (AMB): partnership announcements
Musicoin (MUSIC): Musicoin Desktop Wallet 0.8 released
Encrypgen (DNA): GeneChain goes live (the blockchain)
1337 (1337): rebranding to Elite and new website
Gulden (NLG): activation of blockchain improvement
Vcash (XVC): Vibe Alpha Community Web Platform
ECC (ECC): new website
Blackmoon Crypto (BMC): Introduction of the first set of tokenized funds
Aragon (ANT): 0.7 Release of the alpha version
RChain (RHOC): Rholang Spec 0.2 released (new version of smart contract language language)
Time New Bank (TNB): Bitfinex listing
Propy (PRO): Marketing Plan released
Walton (WTC): Converting from an ERC20 to WTC token
Rebellious (REBL): Listing on Bit-Z
IOTA (MIOTA): trinity wallet beta release
Blocknet (BLOCK): beta launch of Blocknet DX UI
Elementrem (ELE): hardfork to improve perfomance and shorten the block time
Pioneer Coin (PCOIN): web wallet released
LockChain (LOC): released on Gatecoin
IoT Chain (ITC): first draft of the technical whitepaper
Rise (RISE): Interlet Snapshot (ICO token drop for RISE holders)
DECENT (DCT): major partnerships annouced and roadmap update
DomRaider (DRT): first MVP release
Chronologic (DAY): Launch of the Alpha version of the Chronos Platform
Burst (BURST): New Wallet
Cappasity (CAPP): launched on Alibaba Cloud in China and 2 exchange listings (date for listings estimated)
Binance Coin (BNB): token burn event (20% of profits to buy back and burn BNB)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG): Roadmap Release
NeosCoin (NEOS): hard fork to switch from V3 beta to V3 production and improvements
ZClassic (ZCL): migrated to become Bitcoin Private
SIRIN LABS Token (SRN): listing on exchanges
Hshare (HSR): PoS mining implemented
CyberMiles (CMT): platform starting to Accept BTC, ETH, CMT Payments
Shift (SHIFT): first of four white paper released and marketing plan
ZClassic (ZCL): migrated to become Bitcoin Private
Network Token (NTWK): revised white paper release
Sumokoin (SUMO): android wallet release
Influxcoin (INFX): website release

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